Dr. Ahmed Handy Salah

Dr. Ahmed Handy Salah is an accomplished medical expert specializing in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. With a focus on hypertension, diabetes, kidney diseases, chest and gastroenterology conditions, and urinary tract infections, he brings over a decade of experience and expertise to his practice. Holding a Master’s degree in Internal Medicine from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt, and with MRCP UK and Nephrology Specialty Certificate SCE UK, he is committed to continuous learning and patient care. Having served at prestigious institutions like Ain Shams University and Alsalam Hospital in Kuwait, Dr. Salah’s dedication to his field and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certification makes him a dependable and skilled healthcare professional.

Academic Details:

  • MBBS. of Medicine – Ain Shams university-Cairo Egypt
  • Master degree of Internal Medicine – Ain Shams Conderet, Cairo Egypt
  • Nephrology Speciality Certificate SCE.UK
  • Advanced Cardiovascular life Support.

Area of Excellence:

  • Treatment and follow up of HTN
  • Treatment and follow up of DM
  • Diagnose and follow up of acute and chronic kidney disease
  • Treatment and follow up of chest and gastroenterology diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment urinary tract infection

Doctor Ahmed Handy Salah is a highly experienced and skilled medical professional with a focus on Internal Medicine and Nephrology. He has excelled in various areas, including the treatment and follow-up of hypertension (HTN), diabetes mellitus (DM), acute and chronic kidney diseases, chest and gastroenterology diseases, and urinary tract infections.

His journey in the medical field began with a Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS) from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. He then pursued a Master’s degree in Internal Medicine from the same institution. Additionally, he holds MRCP UK and Nephrology Specialty Certificate SCE UK, which reflect his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Doctor Ahmed Handy Salah’s experience spans across different healthcare settings, contributing to his comprehensive understanding of patient care. He spent three years as a resident doctor in Internal Medicine and Nephrology at Ain Shams University and served as an Assistant Lecture for two years in the same field. Later, he continued his journey in Kuwait, gaining four years of experience as a Registrar in Internal Medicine at Alsalam Hospital. Additionally, he spent two years as a Registrar in Nephrology and Dialysis at the same hospital. His experience also extends to working at Alsayed Center in Salmiya, Kuwait, where he contributed to Internal Medicine for two years.

Furthermore, Doctor Ahmed Handy Salah is equipped with Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification, emphasizing his dedication to providing the best possible care to his patients.

His combination of excellence in medical practice, dedication to patient care, and continuous pursuit of knowledge makes him a highly competent and reliable medical professional in the field of Internal Medicine and Nephrology.

Level of Experience:

  • 3 years resident doctor at Internal Medicine & Nephrology unit
  • Ain Shams university -Caire Egypt
  • 2 years Assistant Lecture of Internal Medicine Nephrology.
  • Ain Shams University -Caire Egypt
  • 4 years Register Internal Medicine at Alsalam Hospital-Kuwait
  • 2 years Registrar Internal Medicine In Nephrology and Dialysis- Alsalam Hospital Kuwait
  • 2 years experience at Internal Medicine at Alsayed Center – Salmiya-Kuwait