Dr. Ayat Izzalden Ibrahim

Dr. Ayat Izzalden Ibrahim is a highly skilled and experienced dentist known for her expertise in surgical extraction, orthodontic treatments, and aesthetic dental procedures. With a commitment to patient comfort and care, she has built a reputation for alleviating dental phobia and providing excellent dental services. Her academic achievements and continuous pursuit of professional development demonstrate her dedication to delivering top-quality dental care to her patients.

Academic Details:

  • BDS from Elrazi university for medical and technological sciences, Sudan
  • Rotary revolution course Kuwait Dental Association
  • Clear aligner system course Kuwait Dental Association
  • Laser bleaching course Kuwait Dental Association
  • Laser Therapy (Hot) course Kuwait Dental Association
  • National board (American board part 1)
  • X-ray Dental Course (Ministry of Health Kuwait)

Area of Excellence:

  • Surgical extraction (Complicated)
  • Simple extraction
  • Relieve rental phobia.
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Aesthetic veneers (Hollywood smile)
  • Composite veneers

Dr. Ayat Izzalden Ibrahim is a highly skilled and experienced dentist with a diverse range of expertise in various dental procedures. Her areas of excellence include surgical extraction, particularly complicated cases where precision and care are essential, as well as simple extractions for routine dental needs. Additionally, Dr. Ibrahim has developed a reputation for her ability to alleviate dental phobia, creating a comfortable and reassuring environment for her patients. Her proficiency extends to orthodontic treatments, helping patients achieve optimal dental alignment and improved oral health. Furthermore, she is well-versed in aesthetic dentistry, offering services like Hollywood smile veneers and composite veneers to enhance the appearance and confidence of her patients’ smiles.

Throughout her career, Dr. Ayat Izzalden Ibrahim has garnered a wealth of experience, working in various reputable institutions across different countries. As an assistant to oral and maxillofacial surgeons at Kharboun Teaching Hospital, she honed her skills in complex dental procedures and surgical extractions. She later became a lecturer at Jazeera University, contributing to the education and training of future dental professionals. Dr. Ibrahim’s commitment to her field led her to practice dentistry in different countries, including serving as a dentist at Al-Dakheel Hospital and Ibun Hayan Medical Complex in Saudi Arabia, where she continued to provide high-quality dental care.

In her pursuit of excellence, Dr. Ibrahim took on the role of dentist and medical director at Al Raya Dental Clinic in Kuwait, where she further expanded her expertise in various dental procedures and patient care. Her commitment to staying current with the latest advancements in dentistry is evident through her participation in multiple courses, including the rotary revolution, clear aligner system, laser bleaching, and laser therapy, conducted by the Kuwait Dental Association. She has also undertaken the National Board (American Board Part 1) and completed the X-ray Dental Course under the Ministry of Health in Kuwait.

With a solid academic foundation, holding a BDS from Elrazi University for Medical and Technological Sciences in Sudan, Dr. Ayat Izzalden Ibrahim combines her extensive knowledge with practical experience, making her a highly qualified and competent dental professional. Her dedication to patient care, continuous learning, and exceptional skills makes her a sought-after dentist trusted by her patients for comprehensive dental treatments and compassionate care.

Level of Experience:

  • Assistance to oral and maxil official surgeon at KHARTOUN teaching hospital.
  • Lecturer at Jazeera university
  • Dentist Al-Dakheel Hospital Saudi Arabia
  • Dentist Ibun Hayan Medical Complex Saudi Arabia
  • Dentist and Medical director in Al Raya Dental Clinic Kuwait
  • Dentist in army hospital Sudan
  • Dentist in Police hospital Sudan