Dr. Elham Hamed

Dr. Elham Hamed, an accomplished medical professional, holds an MBBS and MD from Mansoura University. With 22 years of experience, she excels in general family medicine, gynaecology, obstetrics, and diverse medical emergencies across prestigious institutions in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Academic Details:

  • M. D in General Medicine – from Mansoura University
  • Diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics 2008

Area of Excellence:

  1. Deal in All Kind of Medical Emergencies Such as
    • Heart Diseases (Hypertension + Chest Pain / Angina)
    • Respiratory Diseases (Asthma + COPD+ Pneumonia + T.B)
    • G.I.T Diseases (Gastritis + Dyspepsia + IBS / IBD + Hepatitis)
    • Infectious Diseases (Fever+Measles+Mumps+COVID-19)
    • Female Sexual Dysfunction & female Infertility Problems.
    • All Kind of Acute & Chronic Pain Management.
  2. Deal in all kinds of Surgical Emergencies Such as
    • Minor Trauma & Injuries.
    • Wound Incision & Drainage.
    • Wound Suturing & Dressings.
    • Diabetic Foot Wound Debridement.
    • Pleural & Ascites Fluid Drainage.
    • Acute Abdomen & Pelvic Pains.
  3. Deal in all kinds of Urological Emergencies Such as
    • Acute Renal Colic/Pain management.
    • Urinary Catheterization.
    • Suprapubic Cystostomy.
    • Bladder Wash Procedure.
    • Deal with Patients of Haemodialysis.
    • Does all procedures for all gynaecology department (IUC – USG – SWAB CULTURE – DELIVERED)

Dr. Elham Hamed, a dedicated medical professional, holds an MBBS and an MD from Mansoura University, Egypt. With an extensive 22-year career, her expertise spans across various medical realms, most notably in general family medicine, gynaecology, and obstetrics. Her commitment to patient well-being is evident through her diverse experience, including 5 years as an active General Practitioner and subsequent roles in distinguished hospitals in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Hamed’s academic journey is underscored by her M.D. in General Medicine from Mansoura University and a Diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics earned in 2008. This strong educational foundation has paved the way for her impressive level of experience and proficiency in multiple medical specialties.

Her area of excellence covers a broad spectrum of medical emergencies. From managing heart diseases and respiratory conditions to gastrointestinal disorders and infectious diseases, she ensures comprehensive patient care. Dr. Hamed’s expertise extends further to addressing female sexual dysfunction, infertility issues, and acute and chronic pain management, exemplifying her holistic approach to patient well-being.

Additionally, her proficiency in surgical emergencies is notable. Her skill set encompasses treating minor traumas, performing wound incisions and drainages, wound suturing and dressings, diabetic foot wound debridement, and handling pleural and asitic fluid drainage. She adeptly addresses acute abdominal and pelvic pains, showcasing her surgical prowess. Dr. Hamed’s specialization further extends to urological emergencies, such as acute renal colic management, urinary catheterization, suprapubic cystostomy, and bladder wash procedures. Her comprehensive approach is evident as she proficiently manages patients undergoing haemodialysis and conducts various gynaecological procedures.

In conclusion, Dr. Elham Hamed’s vast experience, encompassing diverse medical domains, along with her strong academic background, positions her as a compassionate and skilled healthcare provider. Her commitment to addressing medical and surgical emergencies underscores her dedication to improving patient outcomes and delivering exceptional care across various aspects of healthcare.

Level of Experience: 22 Years of Experience

  • Worked 5 years actus General Practitioner
  • Worked in AL Mansoura Hospital from 2008 to 2012 in gynaecology department in Egypt
  • Worked Depin Salah Al-Saeed Hospital From 2014 to 2019 in Gynaecology Department in Egypt
  • Worked 4 years in Al-Yamamah Hospital in Family Medicine & Gynaecology departments in Saudi Arabia