Dr. Naazia Fathima

Dr. Vanisree Dhanasekar is a highly experienced and versatile medical professional with 10 years of expertise in various areas, including emergency medicine, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, asthma, chronic diseases, primary care in gastroenterology, nephrology, paediatrics, dermatology, ENT, ophthalmology, and orthopaedics. She is skilled in day care surgeries, serves as an assistant emergency physician, and functions as an in-house surgeon in obstetrics and gynaecology. With an MBBS from Coimbatore Medical College Hospital and experience at KMCH Hospital and Rasi Maternity Clinic, Dr. Dhanasekar’s dedication to patient care and her wide-ranging medical knowledge make her a highly respected and reliable healthcare practitioner.

List of Awards:

  • Certificate in Essential Endodontics in May 2011
  • Certificate in Advanced Endodontics in October 2011
  • Certificate in Training in Advanced Cosmetic dentistry in Jan 2012

Area of Excellence:

  • Root canal treatment
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Composites and Aesthetic dentistry
  • Laminate veneers and direct resin veneers and Emax veneers
  • Full crowns and Bridge
  • Teeth whitening
  • Scaling, curettage and periodontic procedures
  • Flexible partial dentures
  • Smile design

Dr. Naazia Fathima is a highly skilled and experienced dentist with a focus on various areas of excellence within the field of dentistry. With a total of 15 years of professional experience in India, she has established herself as an expert in a wide range of dental procedures and treatments. Her dedication to delivering exceptional patient care and her commitment to advancing her expertise have garnered her numerous awards and recognitions.

Dr. Fathima’s areas of excellence encompass a comprehensive spectrum of dental services. She is particularly renowned for her proficiency in root canal treatment, a critical procedure aimed at saving and preserving damaged teeth. Her mastery extends to restorative dentistry, where she excels in techniques such as composite restorations, esthetic dentistry, and the application of various types of veneers, including laminate, direct resin, and Emax veneers. Her skills further encompass the creation of full crowns and bridges, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics for her patients. Additionally, Dr. Fathima is well-versed in teeth whitening procedures, ensuring that patients achieve bright and confident smiles.

Dr. Fathima’s expertise extends beyond cosmetic procedures to encompass vital periodontic services, including scaling, curettage, and other periodontal procedures. She is also adept at crafting flexible partial dentures, providing patients with comfortable and functional tooth replacements. Her holistic approach to dental care is highlighted by her proficiency in smile design, where she combines various techniques to create harmonious and appealing smiles for her patients.

Throughout her career, Dr. Fathima has pursued continuous learning and professional development, earning several certificates to enhance her skills. Notable among these are her certificates in Essential Endodontics, Advanced Endodontics, and Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry. These achievements underscore her commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in dentistry.

Dr. Fathima’s academic journey includes a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from The Tamilnadu M.G.R Medical University in Chennai, India. Her extensive education, combined with her practical experience and dedication to excellence, make her a respected figure in the dental community. With a strong foundation in various dental disciplines, Dr. Naazia Fathima continues to make a positive impact on her patients’ oral health and overall well-being.

Level of Experience: 15 Years of Experience (in India)

  • Academic Details
  • Bachelor of Dental surgery
  • The Tamilnadu M.G.R Medical University Chennai, India