Medical Departments in MedX have highly skilled professional medical teams. All of our doctors are excellent and diligent with the patients. Our utmost care promises the patients and their loved ones to have a better today and tomorrow. Functions of all the departments are coordinated and carried through integrity and transparency.

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Bone mineral density (BMD)

Bone Mineral Density test is primarily done to check the calcium content in bones.


Medx aims at providing quality treatment to all dental problems by promoting patients’ oral health.


The Department is focused on providing specialized treatments for a wide range of skin and hair disorders.


The Medx ENT department treats the ear, nose, throat, head and sinus area while educating the patients about it.

General Medicine

The General Medicine department provides comprehensive care to the patient while educating them about the medical conditions….


The department of Gynaecology aims at bettering women’s health with expert aids. We are equipped with 3D & 4D ultrasound imaging systems.

Internal Medicine

This is a primary department in Medx, backed with excellent diagnostic facilities. Medx provides detailed diagnosis and personalised healthcare routine for patients with lifestyle diseases.


The laboratory is a prominent part of Medx. The upgraded facilities and services offered here are up to the mark.


Medx is dedicated to offering the best eye care treatment to the patients. The skilled Ophthalmologists provide full eye examination for all the age groups.


Orthopaedics is a branch of surgery that handles the treatment of musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, spine, etc.


Paediatrics is a major department in Medx. Our specially trained and experienced medical professionals understand the feeling of children when they are unwell.


The department of Radiology uses a wide range of imaging techniques. The experienced team of Radiologists perform diagnosis with great care.


Medx X-ray procedures are performed by well qualified Radiologists and assistants.